About us

My name is Jure Straus and I love woodworking. I fell in love with making wooden furniture for children with the birth of my first son, Lovro, and at the same time I began to discover Montessori pedagogy, which impressed me so much that I have been incorporating its principles into wooden products for children, which are produced under the Miniles brand, from the very beginning.

jure straus miniles

All our products are made of solid wood and protected with completely natural coatings that are safe for our youngest. You can choose the type of wood for the products, so that they fit perfectly with your existing furniture in the room.

Above all, our products are of very high quality and last for years and years, so they will be passed down for several generations and remain in the family. We are happy to assist you and discuss any special wishes you may have. You can contact us at: [email protected]